Post and Core

A post and core is a dental procedure that is considered in the cases when a tooth requires a crown but there is not enough tooth structure to retain it. The loss of tooth structure usually occurs due to either decay or fracture.

A crown must have sufficient foundation. If it is not available, a dentist can build it up using material that will create the “core” for the crown to sit on. Because the core will be sitting on top of the natural tooth, it must be anchored to it for stability purposes. In order to stabilize the core, dentist use small metallic or plastic rods called posts that are inserted into the existing tooth structure. In essence, the post connects tooth to the core and the core connects the crown to the tooth.

Please note, that post and core procedure must be accompanied by the root canal therapy. The root canal procedure is necessary to eliminate the feeling of discomfort associate with core and post procedure. After the root canal has been cleaned and the post is cemented into the tooth, a core material can be packed around the cemented post. Once the material has been cured and formed into a crown foundation, an impression can be taken for to produce the crown.