Gum Surgery

In addition to color and shade of one’s teeth, the beauty of a smile is also affected by the condition of one’s gums. There is a certain innate gum-to-tooth ration that people consider acceptable in terms of beauty.

Healthy good-looking gums should sit tight against the necks of the teeth. However, many patients have a gummy smile which is caused by excessive and overgrown gum tissue. When the gums extend onto the front surface of the teeth, the natural balance between the tooth length and the gum height may disappear.

Excess gum tissue can usually be removed to reveal a beautiful smile underneath. This is usually accomplished with gingivectomy (gum reduction) and gingivoplasty (gum contour alteration) procedures. During gingivectomy a small incision is done to removes the excess gum tissue. Since natural gum tissue thins as it approaches and surrounds teeth, gingivoplasty is performed to correct the remaining thick and unnaturally shaped gum tissue left after the gingivectomy. The two procedures are usually performed at the same time. Both procedures are a safe and predictable way to remove excess gum tissue and improve the natural appearance of your smile.